Above and Beyond the Call of Preaching

Sudden disasters seem to bring out the best in many people. Hurricane Isaac has been no exception. I have had a bird-eye view of some of these moments as the Faith-based Liaison for St. Tammany Parish Louisiana during the grinding visit of our recent hurricane, Isaac.

A call came in to the EOC that was referred to the faith based desk. The request was from a 70+ gentleman who lived in a golf community. He had been cut off from the world by rising water and had basically run out of food due to the longevity of the storm event. He could not get out. He was alone. He did not drive. He called to say he was hungry.

I knew who to call. I knew of a church in his community with a pastor that was up for a challenge. I called and laid out the problem. The pastor knew exactly where the man lived and said he would go see what he could do. What happened next was well outside to box of reasonable expectation for anyone, including this pastor!

The pastor called me back late that afternoon. He was laughing like crazy! He began telling me what happened on Tee Street. The pastor had taken his dog with him and another church member. Good thing he did since this could have turned into a personal disaster. They drove as far as they could in his truck. He then began to wade toward the house. The more he walked the deeper the water got. Soon he was chest deep. Instead of turning back, he dove in. The pastor swam all the way to the little island of a house, groceries in tow!

He told me he had a great visit with this little needy man and they had developed a friendship. Pastor is committed to going back soon. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn of new developments. What a great example of caring for the needs of others. What a great example to a man in trouble of the kind of love that God places within the heart of his people. It was faith in action.


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