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Tobey Pitman is a retired career missionary, currently serving as a Pastor in Greater New Orleans on the northern rim of Lake Pontchartrain. Tobey currently assists churches to understand the needs of their community and to develop ministries that specifically touch local needs. Tobey is a CISM-trained and certified chaplain serving as a volunteer Chaplain for his local community hospital and local police department. He is appointed as the Faith-based Liaison of the St. Tammany Parish Local Emergency Planning Commission (LEPC) and the Emergency Operations Center (EOC). Additionally he serves as a Chaplain for the Coroner's Office in his Parish. In these roles, he assists in emergency planning and response implementation by directing faith resources into areas of local need during times of emergency and personal trauma. Prior to his service with NSBA, Tobey served for 32 years with the Home Mission Board/North American Mission Board. He worked in Downtown New Orleans and served the broad range of needs that existed among the homeless and addicted people living on the streets of the French Quarter, the CBD, and Downtown New Orleans. This ministry included directing the largest homeless shelter in Louisiana with a capacity of 250. The Brantley Center also offered many kinds of compassion ministries that touched physical needs and provided an average of 600 meals per day. The ministries of the Center included an intensive, long-term therapeutic community for men and women who desired to break free from addictive and debilitating lifestyles. He also developed a church for homeless people called Second Chance Fellowship. Tobey is a native Texan. He is a graduate of Howard Payne University and has earned masters and doctoral degrees from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Tobey is married to Cathy. They have two sons, two daughters through marriage and six grandchildren.

What a Stands Between You and Belief? (3)

In Luke 24, a third element stood between the followers of Jesus and belief. It was HUMAN REASONING. We see it verses 13-21. Two men traveled the road to Emmaus. They were joined by Jesus Himself although they didn’t recognize … Continue reading

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What Stands Between You and Belief? (2)

Let’s move a little further into the discussion of things which may keep us from belief. Confusion has already been mentioned. Another reason we sometimes have difficulty with belief is that we sometimes choose to reject proof. As we continue … Continue reading

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What Stands Between You and Belief?

Belief is a struggle for many people. The faithful and non-faithful alike struggle with belief, perhaps occasionally or maybe on a regular basis. So what is it that stands between you and belief? The 24th chapter of Luke has at … Continue reading

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Chad Gets Bad News

Chad was an inspiring young man when he came into the Center to get help for his addiction. He had not been out there long enough to have been robbed of all the graces God had bestowed upon him. But … Continue reading

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Why Pastors Loves Being Pastors

Dear Privians, I love being your pastor! Interestingly enough I found this list in my daily reading/research. It come from the artesian spring of research by Thom Rainer and shares what Pastors love most about being a Pastor. Possibly it … Continue reading

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Christmas, It’s Enough to Make a Grown Man Cry

Christmas is enough to make a grown man cry. I was a total sponge my intern year of missionary service in New Orleans. I had been clued in about several annual events that were especially important to our work in … Continue reading

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The church has a biblical mandate to care about people in the community as well as the compassionate example of Christ as He looked out over the crowds. But we know that communities do not necessarily value the kind of … Continue reading

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